So you Wanna learn to Grow Medical Marihuana eh?

I get asked a lot of questions about growing marijuana. Typically, they can range from “how long do I germinate a seed before planting” to “Why is this happening during Flower” to “what the heck are these”.
We provide a lot of information in our store and are building out a website ( , and will be using our spanky new forum ( for communicating some tips and videos.
For now, I want to give the very basics.
1. Start with a soil you know to be good.
2. Get good seeds, not bottom of the baggers and not middle of the mall shop seeds, freshness , quality, genetics all matter
3. Know what you are feeding to your plants before they need it
4. Get lights that will return your investment in them.

Each one of these could be an entire chapter or article. Assuming you have picked some form of potting soil, now you need seeds 🙂

We carry our 2 in house strains of seeds:
Purple Gas feminized
Critical Puppy feminized

These seeds are always fresh, and always guaranteed to be big yielders and easy growers. Our seeds sell for 59.95 CAD for 10 feminized seeds

For fertilizer, we have developed an organic feed that will cover you for your whole grow cycle. FR33M4N Farms Super Soil Supplement.
This fertilizer will carry you through your whole grow and one bottle covers you for no less than 4 plants. Our price is $24.99 CAD, that is 6 dollars a plant to feed it.

Lighting is a personal choice, i have grown under all lighting systems, as I am always curious who gives the most watts for the least investment and who has the spectrum i want. For me CMH lighting is the bee’s knees, full spectrum, no bulb changes, closest complete spectrum of color to the sun, and my buds can be used as ping pong balls they are so solid.

These first steps are the beginning of your journey, whether you are new to growing or an old pro,
Come sign up to our forum, visit our store online or in person;
And start growing the right way.

Free your grow

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