Be Gentle

Be Gentle.
I say that a lot when talking with people , be gentle. Sometimes i feel i should explain what being gentle to to others is.
Being Gentle in your dealings with people does not just mean speaking in low tones.
Far too often I see very passive aggressive behaviour of saying absolutely horrible destructive things, but said in a normal tone of voice. Thats not gentle. Having the ability to attack someone without raising your voice is not being gentle. Its being passive aggressive, which while being a trait celebrated in the 80’s we now see bullying etc for what it is, so anyone still believing this is a way to communicate, well soory you are dead wrong and need to learn how to be far more gentle.
So we know what it is not but what is it?

  • being gentle means not putting a person into a defensive posture
  • it means listening to the persons words and deriving a response AFTER hearing them out without interuption.
  • it means not judging the person you are speaking with but accepting them, in all their flawed beauty.
  • it means speaking and acting in a constructive positive way with someone.
  • it means understanding that the person you are talking with deserves the same respect you should be showing to your family and friends.
    These are some really basic pointers , but really , it shouldnt need to be overexplained.
    Talk to people the way you would want people to talk to you, dont go pushing boundaries, accusing, judging, talking over them, and ultimately trying to impose your thoughts or desires into that persons life.

For the term Be Gentle, is more properly said as “treat everyone with dignity” regardless of their present obstacles or victories in life.
But thats a lot to type, so Be Gentle fits better.